Risk Management

We partner with our clients to give them peace of mind and enable business

Risk Management

provides tailored risk assessment with security planning and management to help clients protect their people, property, information, reputation and share value.

Business Intelliegence

advises clients worldwide on operational and business risks, disputes and financial investigations. Our reporting is well sourced, reliable and undertaken discreetly

Risk Management

  The team helps corporate clients to measure and mitigate risk onshore and offshore. Our powerful combination of services provides clients with a holistic approach to enabling their business and protecting key assets such as people, reputation, networks and share value.
By working with clients from early planning stages, we help identify potential risks which allows them to make informed and timely decisions to allocate resources for the mitigation and management of those risks. Clients benefit from more efficient operations, reduced insurance premiums and gain competitive advantage in otherwise challenging and inaccessible markets
Our holistic approach to security planning encompasses:
— Security Risk Assessments
— Procedural, Technical & Physical Site Security
— Security Management
— Crisis & Evacuation Planning
— Incident Response
— Journey Management
— Staff Training
Often, an embedded SilkRose Fiscal consultant manages ongoing risk by implementing and overseeing operations. Alternatively, we offer procedural reviews, staff training and 24/7 crisis response support for those clients who do not require a full-time security consultant.

Business Intelligence

BI&I works with clients throughout the investment cycle by providing the following services:
— Strategic Intelligence
— Forensic Accounting
— Compliance Services
Our clients include publicly listed and private companies, multinationals, law firms and private individuals. For all our services, we offer a phased, tailored approach to ensure that projects are flexible and competitively priced.

Strategic Intelligence

Our Strategic Intelligence team provides well-sourced, timely and reliable information to help our clients make decisions about their partnerships, investments and legal strategies. Through discreet engagement with our network of contacts, our reporting provides clients with commercially relevant information that goes beyond the public record and helps them to address complex business and political issues.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting services comprise dispute and litigation support, complex financial investigations and computer forensics, combining extensive accountancy, auditing and investigative skills to review financial information and provide accounting analysis, advice and expert witness services.

Compliance Services

Compliance Services assist clients in fulfilling their obligations under anti-bribery and corruption (ABC), antimoney laundering (AML) and other regulations, whilst also protecting their reputations. We work alongside our clients’ existing compliance function to accomplish this with timely and relevant reporting.

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